Saturday, April 4, 2009

Socks & Lace

What are the two things Atlanta knitters seem to be working on? Socks and lace. This month's show and tell was no different.

First up is Tiina, who is well-known in our group for being a lightning-fast knitter. Wow! In this case, Tiina designed socks with a traveling stitch. And she mirrored the traveling pattern, so that they go left on one sock and right on the other. Stylish!

Glad to see Marsha at a meeting! She's a long-time member who has been scare recently. Marsha showed off a baby blanket with a beautiful diamond lace pattern. Then she got out the matching cap, booties, and a not-quite-finished baby sweater. The whole ensemble will be a gift for the person who mows her lawn. Makes you want to go mow Marsha's lawn, doesn't it?

Ellen shared both her lace shawl and her fabulous dry sense of wit. This beautiful cashmere shawl was part of a lace knit-along. Ellen shared that this wasn't the most fun to knit. But the result is breathtaking!

If you left early, you also missed Glenda's hilarious recounting of why she needed an Atlanta Knitting Guild bumper sticker in order to cover another bumper sticker on her car. Show and tell is sometimes about sharing the stories of how knitting affects our lives, rather than just showing off our latest accomplishments. Thanks for a great chuckle, Glenda!

Only last note -- Linda F. had on a great Chris Bylsma crayon box jacket, her second. You can see it in the next post, or pictures will be available as always in the members' only section of the Atlanta Knitting Guild website.

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