Monday, April 30, 2012

Machine Knitting Class

Many people think that machine knitting is cheating, but to knit on a machine takes both knitting skill and being able to manage the mechanics of the machine. There are a number of needle sizes for machines just like there are a number of needle sizes for knitting by hand. The size of the yarn and the end product you want to create are the main things that determine which knitting machine to buy.

Our instructor, knitting guild member Marjorie McDonald is a Couture Designer and owner of Master's Designer. Marjorie is an award winning pattern designer who has been sewing and knitting since she was a young child. Her unique designs result in patterns that fit beautifully and garments you will feel beautiful wearing.

This class will introduce people to machine knitting, let them knit a bit on a machine and we will cover why it may or may not be a possible investment for someone to make. It will be informational as well as hands on. If you have a knitting machine and it is portable, let me know if you want to bring it and get some pointers about how to use it. It will help the machine owner as well as the people listening and watching decide if machine knitting might be a consideration for them to look into further.

Date: 1-3 PM on Saturday 19 May 2012
Site: SEFAA Center, 1705 Commerce NW, Atlanta, GA 30318
Fee: $10 for guild members and $15 for non-members
To register or for more information, follow this link to the AKG website.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Rockin' at STITCHES South

We hope everyone had a fabulous time at STITCHES South! As always, Atlanta Knitting Guild was very involved. We had our usual booth in the Market, with the added attraction this year of the framed Knit and Crochet Day Proclamation! Jean put together a wonderful table of trauma bears. Some members of our guild were vendors, some assisted vendors either in set up and tear down or by working a booth, and some assisted XRX.

In addition to all that, we showed off our guild pride at the Saturday night Student Banquet and Student Fashion Show. The winner, Pam, and two of the runners up, Susan and Ellen, are all members of Atlanta Knitting Guild! Pam showed off her Pooling Lace Jacket and Kauni Cardigan. The colors are spectacular. The jacket involves intentional pooling. The cardigan has steeked Siamese sleeves so that the long, slow color transitions in the body of the sweater are mimicked in the sleeves.

Ellen's huge white square shawl (2000 yards) is an original design involving several different patterns. She worked on it while she was sick in bed. As Ellen herself pointed out, the shawl makes any wearer tall and beautiful. And it makes the rest of the knitters in the room green with envy!

Susan is a new member and already making us proud. She knit both the top and the skirt in her outfit. She has a great refined sense of fashion, as her work is flattering and elegant without being fussy. Her skirt features a wonderful lace pattern than gives the fabric just the right drape and interest. Classy!

Finalists await the results.
Thank you to everyone in our guild who once again made STITCHES South the best weekend of the whole year!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Rally at the Capitol

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who found time to join us!
We couldn't have asked for a prettier day for our celebratory rally on the steps of the Georgia State Capitol. We also couldn't have asked for a nicer group of people. A few of those in attendance included:
Current AKG President Marian.
AKG Founder Whit Robbins.
AKG board member Brenda.
AKG Trauma Bear chair Jean.
AKG Past Presidents Linda, Diana, and Jolie as well as other past board members.
North Georgia Knitting Guild board members Jolie, Carol, Carole, Janie, Barbara, and Cheryl as well as other past board members.
SEFAA board members Linda and Nancy.
Clicks and Sticks board member Ethel.
Lawrenceville knitting group organizer Sandy.
Published designers Susan, Lou, and Karola.
Crochet by Numbers artist Ty.
Representative from Atlanta Institute of Stitches and Crafts, Nell.
Representative from Universal Yarn, Tammy.
Managing owners of Fiesta Yarns Jeanine.
CEO of XRX, Inc, Benjamin.

Linda, a past AKG board member, in the spirit of the day.
So many of these people volunteer their time so that the fiber arts organizations in our community can serve us. And so many of you wonderful knitters, crocheters, and other fiber fanatics join us to make our events the happy, festive social occasions they are. We are incredibly fortunate to have a vibrant fiber arts community. We have plenty of educational opportunities to expand our enjoyment of our craft. And we have plenty of opportunities for community service to make our corner of the world better through the loving and creative act of crocheting or knitting.

Todd proving that crochet is art!
Briana, an insouciant new knitter!
We'll see ya'all at the totally rockin' "after" party -- STITCHES South.

Friday, April 13, 2012


Last night's guild meeting was definitely special. It was a moment to celebrate the accomplishments of our guild and the knitters and crocheters in our community.

I believe we meant "Proclamation" not "Reclaimation"[sp]. Our spouses and significant others might view reclamation as that unnatural state when the spare bedroom no longer resembles a yarn shop.

A beautiful book and a a great scrap buster!
We were very fortunate to have both Benjamin Levisay, CEO of XRX, Inc. and Jeanine Randolph-Duncan, managing owner of Fiesta Yarns, at our meeting. Benjamin had some lovely words to say about what the Governor's Proclamation means to everyone throughout our industry. Because we are here in Atlanta, it is hard for us to understand how people throughout the country are reacting to this news. This elevates our industry and our craft in a way that is good for everyone -- knitters and crocheters as well as shops, publishers, and manufacturers. This is no small matter. When curators for textile shows in art galleries specifically encourage "interlaced" projects but not "inter-looped" projects, this implies that weavers are respected artisans but knitters and crocheters are not. In that sense, maybe we are reclaiming instead of just proclaiming.

A happy winner!
Our guests were also very generous. There were many, many goodies given away including tickets to various events at STITCHES South, copies of the new XRX book Betsy Beads, and bead kits in wonderful bright party colors from Fiesta Yarns.

We have several members who will be representing Atlanta Knitting Guild at the Student Banquet and Fashion Show at STITCHES South. These include two shawls (one still on the needle but will be liberated before next Saturday), two wraps employing many delightful stitch patterns, and a classic outfit with both a knit top and knit skirt. Here's a sneak preview:

Members to represent AKG at STITCHES South Student Banquet.

And since this was a meeting, ya'all will want to see the show and tell.
This is a newer member who is a natural -- been knitting for only about two years. She kept pulling crescent shawls out of her bag like a magic trick. This scarf worked in mosaic stitch is a little different from what we usually see. It is striking, modern, and would be a rare great knit for a man.

From a member who travels, here is a Haapsalu shawl made from her own handspun. Possibly better than a blanket for wrapping up on long flights. Certainly more stylish!

Lastly we have a Steven West Spectra worked in many, many little leftover tidbits of Bugga. That's a lot of ends to properly secure but worth it for the color impact!

Looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow at 11 AM at the Capitol for the rally celebration!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Meeting the Governor

Benjamin Levisay, CEO of XRX, Inc.; Whit Robbins, founder and chair emerita, Atlanta Knitting Guild; Governor Nathan Deal (R); Marian Rose, president, Atlanta Knitting Guild; Jolie Elder, president, North Georgia Knitting Guild
photo credit Alana Joyner, Governor's Photographer
Today was the big day. Governor Deal signed a proclamation proclaiming Saturday April 14, 2012 as Knitting and Crochet Day in Georgia!

We did ask the Governor if there had been an important knitter or crocheter in his life. He answered that yes, his mother had crocheted. He also said his daughter had been a crocheter before she had children.

Marly Bird -- who will be teaching crochet classes at STITCHES South -- hosted two podcasts this week that talked about our Knitting and Crochet Day! You can listen to the first one, featuring Marian and Jolie, here. The second show featured Drew Emborsky, The Crochet Dude. Drew will also be teaching crochet at STITCHES South. Marly and Drew spoke about their upcoming trips to STITCHES South as well as the upcoming Knitting and Crochet Day rally. You can listen here.

And we have more news about the rally on Saturday. We have heard that Fiesta Yarns, Kollage Yarns, The Buffalo Wool Co, and Universal Yarn all plan to attend. Kollage Yarns and Universal Yarn are old friends, as they have attended guild meetings and done programs for us. Fiesta Yarns did a program last year for North Georgia Knitting Guild. And we are excited to meet the folks at The Buffalo Wool Co and make new friends.

And, of course, you are not going to want to miss tomorrow evening's guild meeting. Just sayin'.

See ya all on Saturday at 11 AM at the Capitol!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Governor's Proclamation!

By now, we hope most of you have seen this big announcement!

Governor Nathan Deal will be issuing an executive proclamation recognizing the knitters and crocheters of Georgia. As part of that proclamation, he will be naming Saturday April 14, 2012 as statewide knitting and crochet day. There will be a rally on the Capitol steps that day from 11 AM until 2 PM. You can find a map here. Notice that this will be on the northwest side of the Capitol building, so we should have some shade at least some of the time.

When you attend, please bring your knitting and crochet. You may also wish to bring:
water in bottles
folding chair
pillow or blanket (if you prefer to sit on the Capitol steps)

Driving directions and visitor information are available from the Georgia Secretary of State website. There are also driving directions on the Facebook link at the end of this post.

For those of you who would prefer to take MARTA, you can find information here. Basically, you would exit the train at the Georgia State Station on the blue and green rail line (one stop east of Five Points). Take the Piedmont Avenue exit out of the station and turn left on Piedmont Avenue.  Walking time is less than 10 minutes. If you need to get your bearings, look up and walk towards the big gold dome.

For the latest information and to RSVP, you can follow these links:

We’d love to see thousands (from all over the South and from across our great nation) crowding the Capitol steps in show of appreciation to Governor Deal for his recognition of the knitters and crocheters of Georgia! This is our moment! Spread the word—statewide and nationwide.