Monday, April 23, 2012

Rockin' at STITCHES South

We hope everyone had a fabulous time at STITCHES South! As always, Atlanta Knitting Guild was very involved. We had our usual booth in the Market, with the added attraction this year of the framed Knit and Crochet Day Proclamation! Jean put together a wonderful table of trauma bears. Some members of our guild were vendors, some assisted vendors either in set up and tear down or by working a booth, and some assisted XRX.

In addition to all that, we showed off our guild pride at the Saturday night Student Banquet and Student Fashion Show. The winner, Pam, and two of the runners up, Susan and Ellen, are all members of Atlanta Knitting Guild! Pam showed off her Pooling Lace Jacket and Kauni Cardigan. The colors are spectacular. The jacket involves intentional pooling. The cardigan has steeked Siamese sleeves so that the long, slow color transitions in the body of the sweater are mimicked in the sleeves.

Ellen's huge white square shawl (2000 yards) is an original design involving several different patterns. She worked on it while she was sick in bed. As Ellen herself pointed out, the shawl makes any wearer tall and beautiful. And it makes the rest of the knitters in the room green with envy!

Susan is a new member and already making us proud. She knit both the top and the skirt in her outfit. She has a great refined sense of fashion, as her work is flattering and elegant without being fussy. Her skirt features a wonderful lace pattern than gives the fabric just the right drape and interest. Classy!

Finalists await the results.
Thank you to everyone in our guild who once again made STITCHES South the best weekend of the whole year!

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