Monday, April 30, 2012

Machine Knitting Class

Many people think that machine knitting is cheating, but to knit on a machine takes both knitting skill and being able to manage the mechanics of the machine. There are a number of needle sizes for machines just like there are a number of needle sizes for knitting by hand. The size of the yarn and the end product you want to create are the main things that determine which knitting machine to buy.

Our instructor, knitting guild member Marjorie McDonald is a Couture Designer and owner of Master's Designer. Marjorie is an award winning pattern designer who has been sewing and knitting since she was a young child. Her unique designs result in patterns that fit beautifully and garments you will feel beautiful wearing.

This class will introduce people to machine knitting, let them knit a bit on a machine and we will cover why it may or may not be a possible investment for someone to make. It will be informational as well as hands on. If you have a knitting machine and it is portable, let me know if you want to bring it and get some pointers about how to use it. It will help the machine owner as well as the people listening and watching decide if machine knitting might be a consideration for them to look into further.

Date: 1-3 PM on Saturday 19 May 2012
Site: SEFAA Center, 1705 Commerce NW, Atlanta, GA 30318
Fee: $10 for guild members and $15 for non-members
To register or for more information, follow this link to the AKG website.


Carol said...

I 'm a past member of the AKG and was hoping for help with a knitting machine question. Do you know of any local friends that are proficient with a knitting machine? I have a fair isle issue on an old Brother machine .

You can reach me at 404-874-0936 if you have good news!

AKG said...

Carol - Check out the Master Designer blog (right side of the page, below). Our Master Designer, Marj, is also a master machine-knitter. You can contact her through her blog to address any questions that you have. Good luck!