Friday, December 31, 2010

Bev Galeskas

I thought area knitters might want to know that Fiber Trends founder Bev Galeskas passed away this week. If you don't recognize the name, you are bound to recognize the patterns. The Felted Clogs were amongst her most popular. (Look on Ravelry for over 7000 examples.) They are fun to make and can be worked in a variety of sizes. And they are functional. (I just happened to be wearing mine when I found out Bev was gone.)
If you've been to The Whole Nine Yarns, you've seen various examples of the Felt Flock lurking about the shop. Bev's patterns are not only cleverly designed, but they are also well-written. I've seen shops use Fiber Trends patterns in class projects, especially when newer knitters were learning a technique because you could count on the directions to make sense. Bev also gave many of us the courage and confidence to try felting something on purpose. She will be both missed and remembered.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Alternative vehicles

In yesterday's post, you saw a yarn-embellished bicycle. Well, it isn't just bicycles that can look good.

The obvious local example is the bug from The Whole Nine Yarns:

But a friend also sent me this photo, of a van:

With the van, I would be a little concerned about tunnels and low overpasses.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Postcards from Amsterdam

As I, your friendly blog writer, am using the holiday lull to clean up my computer today, I came across some old links that never quite made it up into the blog. Now seems as good a moment as any to share.

Many of you know Betty Salpekar. She is one of our local superstars, although currently she is living just outside of Amsterdam. Her husband's job has taken them on this Netherlandish expatriate excursion. Early in their trip, Betty came across this wonderful bicycle.

I personally love the flowers on the fender.

Alas, Betty's husband wasn't willing to stand around all afternoon, waiting for the owner to return. Can you imagine being a new visitor and coming across something like this? Right away you'd know that fiber artists are welcome here.

More recently, Betty sent me this lovely link that also involves bicycles and knitting. The blog is written by a couple who are touring the world by bicycle. During this precious time of year when we are all invited to be kinder and gentler, to notice the things that connect us rather than the things that divide us, this is a lovely story that reminds us of the power a shared hobby can have, even when a language isn't shared.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Knitting for Cats?

With great knitting comes great responsibility.
Please, use your talents for good, not evil.
Link to 109 Cats in Sweaters.
Has the SPCA been informed?
Has the dog stopped laughing yet?

Monday, December 13, 2010

Holiday at Whit's

Yesterday's snow flurries didn't keep a few hardy AKG members from gathering at Whit's house for her annual Christmas block party. The view of the lake was a little different from our usual expectations as the flurries fluttered. There were few finished objects to be blocked, but lots of work on the needles. Everyone brought at least a little something to nibble, so there was a nice spread of cheeses, crackers, and cookies. Joyce brought "lace" cookies that were a Weight Watchers Recipe, or so she claims. I suppose they would be if you ate only one. And during the hectic holiday season, it is nice to have an excuse to just sit around with friends for three hours, watch the lake change in the light, and knit.

Ellen wasn't willing to be photographed from the front, but she was willing from the back. (The front view was better, whether she believes me or not.) She had just completed a Molly scarf with Kauni. Ellen added an extra rib or two to the middle and made the ruffle a little wider so that the overall scarf is wider. With the black and white ensemble she was wearing, this colorful scarf was just the right accent. Ellen rocked! (And she appeared to have to a Swiss-Cheese Scarf in Mini Mochi on her needles. Fabulous!) Sometimes it is nice to remember how a scarf can give an outfit just the right finishing touch.

Monday, December 6, 2010


Our December potluck meeting was as good as ever. We donated 213 dressed bears to the Georgia Center for Child Advocacy. Local station WSB also sent a camera man to film a little of our meeting and the presentation of the bears. The segment is scheduled to air on Sunday 12 December during the 6:30 AM program "People 2 People." (If you go to the WSB website, you can find the most recent show by choosing from the "Community" menu on the far right of the homepage.) Diana, our president, has also hinted that there may be some sort of activity next year to encourage more participation in knitting the bear clothing. We will have to wait to see what she unveils!

One last reminder, Whit's annual Block Party will also be this Sunday, but at the brighter hours of 2-5 PM. If you plan to attend, do be sure to contact Whit so that she has a head count. As always, Whit will have out her professional steamer, so bring towels and those finished holiday gifts that need a good blocking to give them just the right finish. Even if you don't need to block something, bring a snack food to share (if you can) and come join the camaraderie!