Monday, December 13, 2010

Holiday at Whit's

Yesterday's snow flurries didn't keep a few hardy AKG members from gathering at Whit's house for her annual Christmas block party. The view of the lake was a little different from our usual expectations as the flurries fluttered. There were few finished objects to be blocked, but lots of work on the needles. Everyone brought at least a little something to nibble, so there was a nice spread of cheeses, crackers, and cookies. Joyce brought "lace" cookies that were a Weight Watchers Recipe, or so she claims. I suppose they would be if you ate only one. And during the hectic holiday season, it is nice to have an excuse to just sit around with friends for three hours, watch the lake change in the light, and knit.

Ellen wasn't willing to be photographed from the front, but she was willing from the back. (The front view was better, whether she believes me or not.) She had just completed a Molly scarf with Kauni. Ellen added an extra rib or two to the middle and made the ruffle a little wider so that the overall scarf is wider. With the black and white ensemble she was wearing, this colorful scarf was just the right accent. Ellen rocked! (And she appeared to have to a Swiss-Cheese Scarf in Mini Mochi on her needles. Fabulous!) Sometimes it is nice to remember how a scarf can give an outfit just the right finishing touch.

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