Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Postcards from Amsterdam

As I, your friendly blog writer, am using the holiday lull to clean up my computer today, I came across some old links that never quite made it up into the blog. Now seems as good a moment as any to share.

Many of you know Betty Salpekar. She is one of our local superstars, although currently she is living just outside of Amsterdam. Her husband's job has taken them on this Netherlandish expatriate excursion. Early in their trip, Betty came across this wonderful bicycle.

I personally love the flowers on the fender.

Alas, Betty's husband wasn't willing to stand around all afternoon, waiting for the owner to return. Can you imagine being a new visitor and coming across something like this? Right away you'd know that fiber artists are welcome here.

More recently, Betty sent me this lovely link that also involves bicycles and knitting. The blog is written by a couple who are touring the world by bicycle. During this precious time of year when we are all invited to be kinder and gentler, to notice the things that connect us rather than the things that divide us, this is a lovely story that reminds us of the power a shared hobby can have, even when a language isn't shared.

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Betty said...

Jolie, what an effective juxtaposition of those two events! I hadn't even connected them in my own mind -- thank you!