Friday, April 9, 2010

Some Key STITCHES South 2010 links

These were mentioned last night at the AKG meeting, but here they are so you can find them. Be sure you are already logged on to Ravelry before clicking.

There is a generic, "I'll be at STITCHES South 2010."

There is also the Ravelry Party on Thursday night 8-10:30 in ballrooms 3 & 4. This is just after the Market Preview.

And there is the Pajama Party in the Renaissance Waverly lobby on Friday night after the Fashion Show and dinner. Contests for Wackiest Pajamas and Coolest Handmade Slippers.

To indicate that you are attending, click the large square "I am attending" button towards the upper right side of the screen. If you are already logged as attending, there will instead be a bright Ravelry rose-colored button that says "I am attending." You can also check your status by choosing "Groups & Events" from the "My Notebook" menu. Then choose the "event calendar" tab in the upper right. If you are signed up, they will appear in your personal event calendar list.

See you all there in just two more weeks! Rolling in alpaca glee!