Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Some STITCHES pictures and more

A big thank you to Tiina Veko, who has posted her STITCHES South 2010 pictures on Flickr.

A sample:
Elizabeth greeting a visitor at the Trauma Bear Table.

The AKG booth.

Many people winding yarn.
The swifts and ball winders were much appreciated!

Once again, AKG had a noticeable presence. We had a booth again right near the front of the market, as well as a table to display the trauma bear project. The bears are donated each December to the Georgia Center for Child Advocacy. We added to the booth posters of both the centerpiece flowers from STITCHES South 2009 and the scarecrow from 2007. We gained 25l new members during the weekend -- welcome aboard! We asked for minor donations if people used the swifts and ball winders. The winders were very busy! We passed those donations ($150) along to the Atlanta Day Shelter for Women and Children. So we were able to support a worthy charity.

Outgoing president Linda Fetter welcomed visitors at the Thursday morning opening presentation. Presidential Nominee (now incoming president) Diana Baber greeted the crowd at the Friday fashion show and also assisted at the registration desk. Diana, Nancy Barke, Ellen Rosentoski and Donna Wickenden participated in the student fashion show on Saturday. AKG affiliates in the marketplace included Only Ewe and Cotton Too, The Whole Nine Yarns, Sassafras Creations, Purdy Thangz, Gale's Art, and Knit Witch. AKG members who taught classes included Rebecca Ewing and Jolie Elder. Many, many members took classes, participated in contests and the Ravelry chocolate fountain party, and won prizes. (Alas, where is a photo of Jan Stephens at the pajama party?)

A huge thank you to all the people who make STITCHES South possible. This includes the fine folks at XRX, Inc. who put on the whole show, publish Knitter's magazine, and published beautiful books. But this also includes the generous sponsors who make the party even more fun with their prizes. Thanks go out to Skacel, Cascade Yarns, Trendsetter Yarns, Universal Yarn, Mission Falls, Kolláge Yarns, and Prism. We hope all of you had as much fun as we did!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

2010-2011 Executive Board

Many thanks to the ladies who have stepped up to serve on the 2010-2011 Atlanta Knitting Guild executive board. As pictured above from left to right they are: Secretary Ava Navin, Past President Linda Fetter, Treasurer Leslie Gassman, President Diana Baber, SVP Programs Marian Rose, VP Programs Eve Borkenhagen, Communications Jane Higdon, VP Workshops Melissa Brown, Membership Valerie Cross, Chair Emerita Whit Robbins. Not pictured: SVP Workshops Kay Mather.

Having a large knitting guild gives us knitters many special opportunities, but it also takes a lot of behind the scenes effort. We've added an extra section on this year's membership form, asking members to indicate at least two areas in which they would be willing to help out in the coming year. The best way you can show the board that you appreciate the effort they put into keeping all the tax and business stuff straight, paying the rent and expenses, getting speakers for programs, booking superstars for workshops, sending out the newsletter, and keeping good records of this is to volunteer to help with the little things. Come early and set up the room. Stay late and run the vacuum. Bring munchies. Write a blog post. Post a meeting reminder on our Ravelry group. Take a few pictures of show and tell. Knit something for charity. Set up and take down the balloons during STITCHES South. Or just give our new president your name and number and let her know that, if something comes up, you can step in and help.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Life after Stitches South

Has everyone recuperated from Stitches South? Have you started working on any of your purchases, or you still just admiring them?

Don't forget the AKG meeting this Thursday. In addition to the election of officers, it will be Market Night with our local affiliates offering bargains galore. You might find the perfect yarn for that intriguing project in the book you bought at Stitches, or the perfect coordinating yarn to go with the new stash yarn you couldn't resist at Stitches, or the new yarn you need for the new technique you learned at Stitches.