Friday, April 3, 2009

A Colorful Evening

Last night's general meeting suffered a bit from "mission creep." So first off, a big thank you to Margie Deeb. Not only did she wait patiently while we worked through a longer than usual business portion of the meeting, but she then gave a wonderful presentation about color. She showed off a variety of color wheels. In the picture, you can see a wheel based on the printing colors of magenta, cyan, and yellow instead of the traditional red, blue, and yellow. She brought books and color wheels that we could purchase. And she showed examples that gave lots of us in the audience "Ah, ha!" moments. It was worth attending the meeting just to see the example of two patterns done in the same colorway but with different proportions of each color. They looked so different! This is a group that really enjoys color, so we'll put it in the suggestion box for next year to maybe have Margie come talk again.

Also amongst our audience last night was local superstar Betty Salpekar. Since the Think Outside the SOX socks are going to be at STITCHES South, Betty didn't have her socks with her to show us. But she is working on a book. This is a very good thing, as it is bound to have all sorts of wonderful projects, ideas, and techniques in it. Sometimes all you need to know is the name of the author -- you don't even need to crack the spine to know the book is good. We hope at a future date -- either when Betty gets her socks back or when she has some new things to show us to make us all want to advance order her book -- she'll come back and maybe do a program for us? Remember you can preview Betty's winning socks and all the Georgia socks by going to this previous post, so that you'll know exactly which socks are "locally grown" when you attend STITCHES South.

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