Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Food on Spring Road

If you head north on Cobb Parkway, duck under I-285, but turn left at the light, you'll be on Spring Road. Options include:

On the left:
Wendy's -- national burger chain
Applebee's -- national pub grub chain
Chin Chin Chinese -- local chain, cuisine and sushi
Panda Express -- national Chinese fast food

On the right:
Minato Japanese Restaurant -- local sushi and steak
Papa John's Pizza -- national pizza delivery chain

After the light at Cumberland Blvd:
On the right:
McDonald's -- international burger chain giant
Aldi -- grocery store
On the left:
Burger King -- other international burger chain giant
Further up on the right:
Wing Lab -- wings
Subway -- national sandwich chain giant

A couple more lights, past Argyle Elementary School and the fire station, on the left in the Plantation Pointe Shopping Center:
Smyrna Liquors -- alcohol
US Cafe Express -- burgers, wings, onion rings, fries, shakes
China Station -- local Chinese
Cobb International Farmers Market -- Asian grocery, hot wings and sushi available inside

You may have noticed by now that the street Cumberland Blvd seems to cross everything. There is both a Cumberland Blvd and a Cumberland Pkwy in the area. Cumberland Blvd crosses Cobb Pkwy north of I-285, then crosses Spring Rd, runs west of Cumberland Mall (behind it), and intersects Cobb Pkwy again but south, down by the Parkway Pointe shopping center. There is an HHGregg Crossing shopping center on Cumberland Blvd between Spring Rd and Cobb Pkwy. So if you turned left on Spring, and then right on Cumberland Blvd (just before McDonald's), up the hill on the left you would find:
Domino's pizza -- the other national pizza delivery chain
Juice and Java -- local coffee and juice drinks
Unique Indian Cuisine -- local Indian buffet
Bar-B-Q and Seafood -- local and just what it says

None of these several food posts takes you beyond exit 20. There is more food one exit West/South at Paces Ferry/Vinings, Exit 18. And there is some truly lovely upscale dining in Vinings. If you continue yet one more exit to Atlanta Rd, Exit 16, there are also some very good choices. I mention this because J. Christopher's is at the corner of Atlanta Rd and Cumberland Pkwy, just a right turn and half a mile from the exit. Sunday morning food may be a little hard to find, and local chain J. Christopher's is a good option, although crowded as it is well-known in the area. They are open at 7 AM.

For more food options check out:
The Blissful Glutton -- local blogger reviewing local restaurants
Access Atlanta -- web portal run by local newspaper
Creative Loafing -- web portal run by other newspaper
Urban Spoon -- reviews and more, try either Atlanta or if you don't want to drive too far, just Smyrna (north of I-285) and Vinings (south of I-285).

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