Monday, February 9, 2009

Thanking a Real Angel

I suspect that most guild members don't know a whole lot about what goes on behind the scenes. Most members show up at our monthly meeting and walk into a room that is all set up and ready for them. There is a podium. There is a microphone with speakers. There are tables with food and beverages. There are tables for the shops to set out their tempting goodies. There is a table for the library. There are tables for the trauma bears, the raffle, the speaker, and anybody else who asked for a table. There is even a spot for a swift and ball winder.

Some of these things are set-up by guild members -- the stuff that is set out on the tables, such as books, food, swift & winder, microphone & speakers. But all those tables and chairs are set up for us by Jimmy. If you were at the February meeting, you know there were many, many chairs and many, many tables. Jimmy also sets out the coffee pot and fixings for us as well. Even in the months when we didn't have a hospitality chair, we always had hot coffee.

At the end of February, Jimmy will be retiring as sexton at St. Patrick's Episcopal Church. He will be going back to school to study divinity and psychology. As we might say in the South, he is a real peach, and we will miss him. We thank him for making our meetings a little easier. My apologies that I caught Jimmy with his eyes closed in the photograph, but at least I got a warm expression on his face that conveys the kind soul he is. The hat he is wearing was knit for him by our newsletter editor Robyn, who wisely thought we should wish him well with some warm knitted goodness. (Thank you, Robyn!)

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