Friday, February 20, 2009

Putting it all Together

It is time to assemble the Stitches South flower centerpieces. If you have a kit out, do try to get it back into the hands of someone from the committee (Megan, Elizabeth C., Marian, Linda F., or Whit) as soon as possible and certainly by the end of February. If you can't get your kit done by then, at least let someone on the committee know about it so that contingencies can be planned.

There will be a major assembling party at Whit's house this Saturday 21 February beginning at 1 PM. Some things to bring if you can:

* power strip
* glue gun and glue sticks
* wire cutters
* needle nose pliers
* corrugated cardboard or stiff poster board
* assorted knitting needles, tapestry needles, scissors
* portable Ott lights?

In the picture at top, Elizabeth is holding a very cool flower that was made by LaVonne. Whit is the one on the right, modeling a pink flower.

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