Friday, February 6, 2009

Lost & Found

What a night! On what will probably be our coldest meeting night of 2009, we easily had a packed house -- at least 100 people, 4 yarn stores, a jewelry merchant, a yarn manufacturer, and our speaker. There was a table full of donated bears (We have some mightly sharp bargain shoppers in this group!), the raffle, the library, hospitality, yarn tasting, and the swift & ball winder just in case ya'all needed something to do besides visit and shop. In all the hubbub, a few things were left behind.

As you can see, a scarf pattern, a Rubbermaid container with little muffins, and eyeglasses. (Surely whoever lost the eyeglasses is going to notice!) If any of these items belong to you, they are at Jolie's home. Just let her know where they belong in the world.

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