Sunday, February 8, 2009

February Show & Tell

As always, a few pictures from the show and tell portion of our meeting.

In honor of our speaker's interest in baby outfits, or perhaps just because Linda's grandchildren are amongst the best-dressed in the area, Linda brought several baby outfits to show and tell. This one is the classic baby surprise jacket worked in blocks of three colors. More proof that it is impossible to make an ugly BSJ. So, if you have three partial balls, knit with the first color, then knit with the second color, then finish off with the third color. In blocks or stripes, it still works!

Whit showed off this very colorful shawl made from Koigu yarn. (Koigu was the yarn for the January yarn tasting.) This shawl pattern was designed by last year's membership chair, Lou. Thank you, Lou, for giving us an excuse to play with Koigu.

This final photo is Debra's rather well-dressed bunny rabbit. In addition to an adorable skirt, this high-fashion furry wears a Faroese shawl. Debra took Jackie Erickson-Schweitzer's doll-sized Faroese shawl workshop in January. This is the shawl she made in that class.

As always, more photos can be found in the picture gallery section of the Atlanta Knitting Guild website -- but you have to be a member in order to log in and look.

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