Monday, July 4, 2011

October Superstar

Of course, one of the great advantages of being in the guild is being able to take workshops with nationally-known knitting superstars at a budget-friendly price. Gwen Bortner, author of Entrée to Entrelac, will be at Atlanta Knitting Guild the first weekend of October. In addition to speaking at our Thursday 6 October meeting, Gwen will be teaching workshops all weekend. Here's the lineup:

Friday morning, 7 October 9 AM – noon
Start with the Finish in Mind
Many times what happens at the end is greatly influenced by what happened at the start. In the case of knitting, this is particularly true. Decisions we make starting with the cast on selection and on through the knitting of the project greatly influence the look of the final project. Start by learning the pros and cons of decisions we make in the knitting of a garment. Next, gain hands- on experience developing skills we typically associate with “finishing.” Finally, get answers on fixing problems “after it is too late.”

Friday, afternoon 1 – 4 PM
Sneaky Shaping with Short Rows
Knitted fabric has some wonderfully unique properties when it comes to garment creation. One of the best is the ability to create a three-dimensional fabric through the use of short rows. Short rows can be used in a variety of ways including sock heels, shoulder shaping, bust darts and even interesting stripes. Learn the basics of short rowing, practice techniques for minimizing any holes and explore the many options that short rows offer.

Saturday all day, 8 October 9 AM – 4 PM
Entrelac: Beyond the Basics
If you understand the basics of entrelac, have completed a project or two, and are ready to see what more the technique can offer, then this is the class for you. Learn alternative methods for starting entrelac including one that is completely invisible. Gain insights on creating a variety of shapes and forms with entrelac fabric. Explore the differences between entrelac worked flat and seamless entrelac. All the while, you’ll gain hands-on experience and create a small envelope style bag.

Sunday, 9 October 1 – 4 PM
Help and Tricks for the Intermediate Knitter
So you have some knitting under your belt and you have arrived at that nebulous level of intermediate. How do you move on from intermediate to advanced? Do you have questions but have never quite found the right class to ask them? Are you sure the advanced knitters know something you don’t? If so, this is the class for you. We will provide a variety of helps to help you take your knitting to the next level and along the way provide some tricks that you may not have thought of yet.

Friday and Sunday workshops are $30 each for members, or $35 each for non-members. The all day Saturday workshop is $60 for members and $70 for non-members. Remember, slots are filled on a first come basis, so be sure to sign up right away if you see something you want!

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