Saturday, July 2, 2011

Back to School, Part 2

Local shop Knitch is bringing superstar Sally Melville to teach on Wednesday and Thursday, 14 & 15 September.

Wednesday morning is Emergency Measures, a workshop about what to do when something goes really, really wrong! This covers not just fit issues, but also color choices, edgings that don't wear well, laundry disasters, even running out of yarn.

Wednesday afternoon's workshop is First Choices, Basic Shapes, which shows you how to make good choices before you being, and covers some basic pattern drafting so you can alter patterns to look marvelous on you.

Thursday's workshop is all day covering the topic Making the Most of Your Yarn Collection. This class covers some design issues, such as how to combine colors, different yarns, or even which stitch patterns to use with which weights of yarn. But this class will also cover how to arrange and use your stash. And it will show you how to use a few skeins to knit something wonderful that doesn't look like oddball knitting. The Wednesday classes are $65 each and the Thursday class is $120.

Find more information including complete workshop descriptions at Knitch.

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