Sunday, July 3, 2011

Back to School, Part 3

Just a few days after Sally Melville is in town, The Whole Nine Yarns will be hosting Gwen Bortner! Gwen will be teaching several classes that are different from the ones she is teaching for us in October.

Saturday 17 September all day is Entrelac Mix and Match. This is a chance to try out designing with entrelac using fabric types other than stockinette or garter. Gwen does have a few examples in Entrée to Entrelac. Class will include a discussion of what adjustments you'll need to make, and the challenges with using certain stitch types.

Sunday morning 18 September is Knitting in Both Directions. This is the class for learning how to knit back backwards -- back and forth, without turning your work. This method can improve your speed, and it can also make certain patterns easier to work.

Sunday afternoon's class is Introduction to Sweater Design. If you've ever seen a stitch pattern you wanted to use on a sweater, but just weren't quite sure how to do it, here's your chance to try. You'll learn basic pattern drafting, measuring, how to use the swatch, and the basic rules of shaping. You'll leave class with a basic pattern!

The Saturday class is $120, and the two Sunday classes are $65 each. More information and compete descriptions can be found at The Whole Nine Yarns blog.

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