Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Very Good Cause

Diana mentioned this in the most recent newsletter, but it bears having a link here, too. XRX is currently having a fundraiser to help Sue Nelson, who is a member of the XRX editorial department and someone many of you have probably met at STITCHES. Sue has been fighting ovarian cancer. She has exhausted the current treatment options, but has been accepted into a trial at Colorado University. Because the trial is experimental, insurance coverage is iffy. Plus, Sue will need to fly back and forth to Colorado, as well as sometimes stay there for extended periods of time.

To raise money to help Sue and her family pursue this course of treatment, XRX is raffling off The Great American Afghan. This is The Object Itself that was knit and photographed for the book. A chance costs $10. The winner will be drawn sometime after 6 PM on Friday 8 April 2011. Follow this link to learn more. Follow this link to go straight to the online store where you can buy a raffle ticket.

Thank you everyone for your compassion.

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