Wednesday, March 23, 2011

How Do You Habu?

At our February meeting, Rhoda showed off some finished garments and kindly explained how to read Habu Textile patterns. Habu is a Japanese company, so their elegant minimalist patterns are written in a schematic form. The nice part is, you don't have to read Japanese. But the schematic is a little different, so Rhoda walked us through the basics.

If you've caught the Habu bug and would like to try more, then you will want to clear your calendar on Wednesday 13 April. Habu Textiles founder Takako Ueki will be teaching workshops at Knitch. In addition to the workshops, students will also enjoy a private trunk show of Habu Textiles garments. This is a chance to try on the garments and experience for yourself the clean lines and unique textures. For more information, follow this link to Knitch's class & event listings, then scroll down.

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