Monday, March 14, 2011

March Bear Challenge

In January you had a chance to try knitting in the round. In February you got to try cables. For March, we have a pattern that involves short rows.

Short rows are a wonderfully useful technique in which only part of the fabric grows taller while another part does not. Short rows are most often encountered in sock heels, but you can also use them to shape sleeve caps or bust darts. In this month's pattern, short rows are used to shape the bottom of a pair of trousers. This is a great little knit for those permanently-seated bears. Jean has even incorporated a little hole so the bear's tail can peek out.

And a reminder, Jean could really use dressed bears for the table at STITCHES South in mid-April. If you have a bear and can dress it by the April meeting, or even just bring it to STITCHES, that would be very much appreciated! Jean and Debra are continuing to keep track of bear donations, so just be sure when you drop off you finished bear that your name is listed for the contest. As always, bear pattern can be downloaded from this page of the AKG website.

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