Monday, January 31, 2011


Guilds grow. At least, you hope that they do. Atlanta Knitting Guild certainly has. And with that growth has come the need to make a few behind-the-scenes structural changes. One of those has been becoming a full 501(c)(3) organization. Linda F. very kindly took the reigns of the project, and kept at it. Thanks to Linda, we can announce: The Internal Revenue Service has determined that the Atlanta Knitting Guild is a public charity exempt from Federal Income Tax under Section 501( c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, effective to March 9, 2010, the date of our incorporation in Georgia.

The remainder of this post are remarks from Diana, our president:

As usual, Linda is WAY too humble about the magnitude of her accomplishment. The AKG Board identified the twin needs for incorporation and identification as a nonprofit organization about a year ago, and Linda volunteered to manhandle what we thought was a relatively simple process. How naïve we were!

A year later, and after many, many letters and emails and conversations with the State of Georgia and the Internal Revenue Service, not to mention enough forms to paper the World Congress Center, Linda has achieved her mission. We really need to put her in charge of the war in Afghanistan. She'd either win it or bring Osama Bin Laden home in a knitted straitjacket.

Anyway, it's done! Linda is a true warrior and a wonderful process manager. She is tireless and determined and we really appreciate her--she's done what we've all talked about for years but haven't done. We just love Linda, can you tell?
So what do you do to recognize a major accomplishment? Well, if you're knitters, you give the honoree a piece of knitting jewelry, in this case a necklace by our own Nancy Thompson, former AKG president and designer/owner of Sassafras Creations. You'd have to look closely to know this but the necklace is made of knitting needles and a crochet hook, a 5, and a 0, and a 1, and a C (the hook), and a 3. Now does it make sense?

Thank you Linda!

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