Monday, February 7, 2011

Craft a Guild

A local knitting guild is a wonderful resource, but what if you live someplace that doesn't yet have a guild? Nancy Smith Kilkenny has written an e-book and started a website that can help you start a guild or nurture an existing guild. The site is Nancy interviewed presidents and board members from a variety of craft guilds around the country, including Atlanta Knitting Guild, while she was writing her book. Her site has resources such as a newsletter, links, and a blog -- all to give you ideas about how to keep that guild active and interesting. Nancy's e-book, Craft a Guild is a solid how-to that will walk you through the basics of founding a guild. It contains some things you expect, such as a list of officers, sample by-laws, and a discussion of non-profit status. But her book also talks about some of the less obvious things, such as the need to cultivate good members or deal with change. And the list of ways to kill a guild should be required reading!

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