Monday, January 17, 2011

Knitting in the Comics

There have been a number of knitting references in recent comics. Follow the links and laugh (or at least smile).

Rhymes with Orange on Winterizing (4 January 2011)
Rhymes with Orange on Sweater Patterns & New Knitters (30 December 2010)
Wondermark on Emergency Survival (#491 20 February 2009)

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Steve Bergson said...

You might also enjoy reading Hereville, which recently won the Association of Jewish Libraries' Sydney Taylor Award (older readers).

The cover, which you may find at shows Mirka - the heroine - standing on top of an oversized ball of yarn, smiling triumphantly.

The climax of the book involves a knitting challenge between Mirka and a troll. You may view a low-res scan of one of the pages of the competition at

I can send you a higher-res scan for your website if you'd like.