Sunday, January 18, 2009

Knitting Flowers in Duluth

The centerpiece knit-in at Kay's house was quite a success. There were about a dozen people packed in to Kay's dining room. I should add here that Kay's home is decorated in Chinese motifs, and it is quite striking and lovely. There was a little bit of assembling of flowers going on, but mostly the usual knitting, socializing, and snacking.

Amongst our crowd, Madeline brought her granddaughter Siobhan (pronounced Sha-vaughn). Siobhan is already a competent knitter in her own right. With what she can do now, there is no telling what she'll be making in 2029!

Also at the knit-in was Melissa, who is a new guild member. It is always a delight to welcome new knitters to our group. So, if you see Melissa at a meeting, do be sure to go up to her and say, "Hello!" In this picture, you can see that she is working on a giant flower. If you haven't gotten enough experience knitting with multiple strands held together or with large needles, the centerpiece flowers are a chance to expand your range of knitting experiences.

Thank you to Kay for organizing knit-ins and for opening her home. And thank you to everyone who is participating in making the centerpieces. We hope everyone is having fun.

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