Friday, January 9, 2009

January superstar meeting

Our January meeting featured Jackie Erickson-Schweitzer of HeartStrings designs speaking to a crowd of more than 100 knitters! Jackie spoke for nearly an hour about smoke rings -- how to knit them, why to knit them, how to choose yarn, how to choose patterns, and just generally how to have fun! Since smoke rings generally take only a single skein of yarn, they can be great projects for luxury skeins. As they are worn around the head and neck, the softest yarns are especially well-suited. Jackie showed designs that included patterning throughout as well as some that were plain in the middle but with attractive patterns at each edge. The edges don't even need to match! Lace is popular for smoke rings and beads can also be added. Some smoke rings incorporate shaping so that they are wider where they lie on the shoulders and then narrow for the neck and head. Jackie also showed how to measure so that you get enough length to wear your smoke ring as a cowl. And she passed many, many samples around the room. Who knew there were so many great things to do with a smoke ring project?

Jackie also very kindly donated a Flared Smoke Ring kit as a door prize. As you can see, this project is lace throughout. The yarn is a baby alpaca, merino wool, and angora blend. The lucky name was drawn at the end of the meeting.

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