Thursday, January 15, 2009

Giant Flowers

There will be several knit-ins over the next couple of months so that the centerpieces for Stitches South can be assembled and embellished. Some of the flowers will also be felted before they are assembled. So, there is lots to do but in typically guild spirit, we'll do it together. Thank you to our members who are opening up their homes in the coming weeks. The upcoming calendar includes:
Saturday 17 January at 2 PM at Kay's house
Friday 30 January at 5 PM potluck at Elizabeth's house
Saturday 21 February 1 PM at Whit's house

Check your newsletter for more information and personal contact details.

Thank you to everyone who is working on this project. Already, some of the kits that went out before the holiday are coming back as completed flower parts. It is so exciting to see the centerpieces beginning to come together! The picture at the top of the page is five petals knit by our secretary, Donna, and a center knit by our historian, Pat. At right, you can see two centers that Pat knit. Very colorful! Many of the flowers are using brightly-colored yarn or novelty yarns that were languishing in our stashes.

This last photo is two trumpet-shaped hanging flowers knit by Nancy W. The flower shapes and colors are very diverse. Each centerpiece will be different, which should make the whole experience that much more interesting for the attendees. It should also be making the creative experience that much more interesting for everyone who is participating.

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