Thursday, February 2, 2012


AKG was very pleased and privileged to host Charles Gandy for a workshop on embellished knitting. Charles had two winning socks in the Think Outside the Sox contest. His book The Embellished Sock: Knitted Art for the Foot should be out later this spring.

This was our first workshop at the SEFAA Center. This is a nice space with very good lighting and plenty of parking. SEFAA's decorated buck was in one corner of the room, and a four-shaft floor loom was in another corner. In March there will be a pin-up show of assorted 12-inch by 12-inch blocks of fiber art. Already you can see this will be a good gathering space for the Atlanta area fiber community.

Charles is a delightful teacher. He is a Southern gentleman with down-home charm. He was able to show us many, many socks that will be in his book. All of them are whimsical works with witty names. In the course of three hours, Charles taught us several techniques. Some included embellishments that you make up first and then knit in as you go. Others you add on later. He showed us a beautiful picot cuff. And at the end of class, he taught us how to make finger cords, which are a fast and sturdy alternative to I-cords. Slick! We are lucky that Charles lives here in Georgia, as we hope to see more of him again. And we certainly expect to see some zany inventive knitting inspired from this workshop.

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