Sunday, November 13, 2011

Scarves for Special Olympics

Jennifer Daniell, Program Services & Grant Manager with Georgia Special Olympics has asked for AKG to help with the knitted scarves given to each athlete at the Indoor Winter Games which will be held Jan 20-22 in Cobb County.  They are looking for 2,400 scarves by January 10, 2012.   The size of the scarf is  6" by 4-5' long in cherry red and soft navy and the pattern is your choice.  Visit the website -, then click for sample colors, under "States" pick Georgia and it gives you all the details.  The website will also list where to mail (for out of town knitters) or where you can drop off your scarves in the metro Atlanta area.  The shops where you can drop off your completed scarf are: Needle Nook, Cast-On Cottage and The Whole Nine Yarns.

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