Thursday, November 3, 2011

Fight Second Sock Syndrome

One of the most common maladies amongst intermediate knitters is Second Sock Syndrome. You've graduated from scarves and hats and moved into the exciting world of sock knitting. The yarns are amazing -- so many independent hand dyers make magnificent sock yarns. And the range of patterns and books is tantalizing. And the projects are portable! And functional! And you can even knit socks for men! What's not to love?

Well, there is this one teensy little problem. You typically need to make a pair of socks. That would be two. Of the same thing. Matching.

If you suffer from Second Sock Syndrome, take heart. Our guild workshop on 11 February 2012 is on making Socks Two at a Time. The instructor is master knitter Pam Cornutt. (You'll remember Pam made the beautiful pooling lace jacket.) Pam is a delightful, high-energy instructor. You'll come out of this class being able to make both socks at the same time so that they match and so that you finish them together at the same time. No more orphaned/widowed socks! Cost is $10 for guild members, $15 for non-guild members. You can contact our workshops chair to register.

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