Friday, May 8, 2009

May Beauties

It is always a delight to see what guild members show off at a meeting. This month's meeting started off with show and tell.
First up is Linda W. with a jacket that incorporates ribbon yarn. (Joyce is graciously assisting Linda.) Ribbon yarns can be fun and interesting, but sometimes they aren't well suited to an entire project. Sometimes they are expensive, further discouragement from knitting a whole garment from ribbon yarn. Linda has shown us a lovely way to incorporate ribbon yarn as stripes. This doesn't require a lot of extra calculations. It is a lovely way to jazz up a fairly plain pattern and also economize with an expensive material. Linda is well-known in our group for the knitting she does for her grandchildren. You can see the stack of new child garments on the podium.

Marie showed off this true magnum opus. A Kaffe Fassett vest is always an exciting and challenging project. And this much intarsia with this many ends to weave in is truly an act of devotion and love. Wow! Thank goodness there is a multi-billion dollar industry in Southern California dedicated to keeping us amused while we swatch or weave in ends.

This beautiful shawl by Joyce is here presented by Joyce, Marjorie, and Linda as Marie looks on. It turns out this is a stash project. Joyce used a variety of yarns that were in similar colorways. A beautiful and successful project that reminds us sometimes all we have to do is open our closets and look around.

As always, more pictures can be found in the members only section of the guild website.

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