Monday, May 11, 2009

Bonus Double-Feature Potluck

Whit will be hosting a potluck on Saturday 16 May at 4 PM. Originally, this was going to be a chance for us to share our experiences at STITCHES South. Instead, we hope to do that at our July guild meeting. Why wait until July? Because some awesome people are going to be in town on Saturday and we want to spend time with them.

Cheryl Oberle, author of Folk Vests and Folk Shawls, will be passing through Atlanta after a trip to John C. Campbell Folk School. Cheryl plans to join us for the evening. The vest knitted and modeled at right by Joyce F. is a design from Folk Vests. Be sure to bring your copies of the books with you so you can get autographs. We will be able to visit with Cheryl beginning at 4 PM and throughout the evening.

Sometime between 7 and 8 PM, Siri from Snow Leopard Trust will be joining our merry group. Snow Leopard Trust, as you might guess from the name, is an organization that aims to protect the critically endangered snow leopard. One way in which they do so is by helping Mongolian people who live in the same areas as snow leopards to find sources of income that do not involve practices harmful to the big cats. In this case, local peoples are learning to spin yak and camel fibers. Siri will be speaking to us about this interesting nexus between conservation and commerce. And she will be bringing some yarn to sell. You can learn more ahead of time by going to the website here or viewing the items in their shop here.

See you Saturday evening for food, excellent company, and interesting discussions!

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