Thursday, March 12, 2009

Home Town Heroine

XRX publisher Alexis Xenakis, AKG chair emeritus Whit Robbins, and XRX CEO Benjamin Levisay. Photo credit: © XRX Photo by Lisa Mannes, and used by the gracious permission of XRX, Inc.

XRX, Inc., publisher of Knitter's magazine and the force behind the Stitches conventions has named Whit Robbins 2008 Knitter of the Year. To read Alexis Xenakis' blog entry about the presentation of the award a couple weeks ago at Stitches West, just follow this link. Obviously, Atlanta Knitting Guild is very excited about this and we all wish Whit enthusiastic congratulations!

Edit: And here's another link from the XRX Insider Knitting Newsletter volune 9 issue 5.

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