Tuesday, March 17, 2009

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Our February speaker, Pixie Purls, spoke about her experiences as a podcaster. For those of you who are unfamiliar with podcasting, I've added two new items to the AKG library. With her gracious permission, I've burned to CD the first two series of Brenda Dayne's Cast-On podcast. Brenda, an American expatriate from Portland, Oregon, currently lives in Wales. She has written for Interweave press and is the author of the popular wristwarmer pattern Mrs. Beeton from the online magazine Knitty.

The first series doesn't have an over-arching theme. But even from her very first episode, recorded on Halloween, Brenda tells stories about knitting. Her halloween horror story about good yarn gone horribly bad will have you hooked. She has some guests on now and then, including Franklin Habit of the Panopticon fame. Franklin is hilarious. And she has a regular section called "Today's Sweater" that is a favorite amongst viewers.

But it is her second series on the knitting muses that is truly inspired. Brenda devotes one episode to each of the nine muses of Greek tradition. In addition to her own comments, there are also guest essayists. Truly inspired stuff.

If members like these items, let me know and I'll see about burning the later series. As each episode is about a hour long, these discs represent a lot of listening. Very good if you have some long-distance traveling in your future where you are the driver. (Unless you've learned to knit and drive at the same time? Wait -- I do not want to know.) Do beware that these files are recorded in MP3 format. They will play on computers and on newer CD players that can recognize the format. But if you have a car model year 2001, these discs probably won't work.

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