Monday, December 8, 2008

Block(ing) Party

Whit held her annual blocking party on Sunday. The "purpose" is many-fold. The overt functional reason is so that we can all use Whit's professional steamer, pictured at right. I must admit that this does seem to be a very handy device, especially if you are blocking something with texture that might be flattened by a steam iron and pressing cloth.

The second reason for the party is to drink Ginny's guild-famous eggnog. At first, Ginny thought she was not going to be able to attend, but her plans later changed. Hurray! I have no idea what is in the eggnog, but it is very tasty stuff. And probably of the right strength, as there did not seem to be too much knitting under the influence.

The third reason to attend is the setting and hospitable greeting as evident in this picture. Willy loves people. He jumps around and wags his tail and just wants to be liked by everybody. He looks as if someone took a big pile of washed sheep shear, waved a magic wand, and animated the whole fluffy ball of fiber. You can also see from the picture the peaceful lakeside setting. No wonder Whit gets so much knitting done with a spot like this!

Of course, the real reason to come is to spend time with friends. Plus, if you are at a friend's house, then you have a legitimate reason to not be cleaning your house, addressing your holiday greeting cards, or dealing with any of the myriad little chores that keep us from our appointed hobby. Well, as long as I'm here, I guess I'll just have to sit and knit and maybe drink a little of that eggnog. Some of us having a very good time:
Ginny & Ardith hanging out in the corner with the lovely view.

Joyce in a fabulous hand knit and Debra working with scrumptious hand-dyed wool sock yarn. Notice the Stitches South brochure in the left foreground as well as the candy. Mary Jane is in the background.

Diana working on her latest Opal sock with Sandy holding the yarn. Hint: if you need to motivate Diana, Opal is your carrot of choice.

And here we have Mary Jane wearing a t-shirt that reminds us of the dangers of knitting under the influence. Mary Jane was working on a scarf with an interesting knit-purl and ribbing pattern. The patterns cause the fabric to pull in and out, creating a rippling edge without any increases or decreases. The fabric is also reversible.

As we move through the holiday season, may you enjoy much time merrily in your favorite comfy spot, with good light, a warm drink, a comforting project, and the company of knitting friends who understand that Opal is not an iridescent rock. Ho, ho, ho.

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