Thursday, August 21, 2008

September Superstar

Our September meeting will feature Jackie Erickson-Schweitzer. Jackie is both a spinner and knitter. She is best known for her HeartStrings line of lace patterns. Jackie is the person you want to see when you have a beautiful multicolored hand-dyed lace yarn and you want to make something in which the lace pattern and the color changes will shine.

Over the course of the weekend, Jackie will be teaching five classes including: knitted lace edgings, multicolor lace knitting, tapestry knitted pillow, doll-sized Faroese shawl, and faux Ikat effects. Knitted lace edgings is an introduction to lace knitting. Multicolor lace knitting includes lace intarsia, good design with color and pattern, and how to hide ends. Tapestry knitting involves multiple yarns and several techniques for how to deal with more than one strand. The Faroese shawl is knit top-down in a doll size. It is a good way to learn the special construction elements of this shawl shape. Faux Ikat teaches how to control pooling effects in multicolored yarns.

If you'd like to see some samples of her work, you can follow these links:
HeartStrings knitting patterns
Jackie's blog
Or look up Jackie Erickson-Schweitzer on Ravelry.

And for those of you who would like to buy her patterns at one of our local Atlanta area shops:
Only Ewe and Cotton Too will have the patterns.
Yarn Grove is expecting HeartStrings patterns within a week.
The Knitting Emporium currently has numerous HeartStrings sock and lace patterns in stock.
The Whole Nine Yarns has several of her wonderful designs on their way!
Needle Nook will have about 10-12 different patterns.

I'll add here that our local shops have not only beautiful lace yarn but also some fabulous shawl pins. You may want to keep this in mind for the upcoming shop hop or for the holiday season.

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