Thursday, August 14, 2008

August meeting

Our August meeting was another opportunity for socializing. We had lots of guild business to attend to, especially since we have superstar Jackie Erickson-Schweitzer coming to the September meeting. There will be little time for announcements at the September meeting, so we'll have to make good use of the newsletter and the blog.

In the photo above (credit: Randie Cowan) our founder, Whit, is talking about her knitting "mistake." We were going to do a program on stashes and also knitting mistakes, but we didn't have many submissions. I guess our membership rips out all their mistakes and reuses the yarn? In this case, Whit felt that the white top didn't turn out as she had hoped. Maybe a little obviously '80s, but still, as "mistakes" go, not too bad? You might also notice the very nice poster hanging from the podium. Debra made those to promote Jackie Erickson-Schweitzer's visit.

There were a number of very stylish items during show and tell. There were a pair of crazy socks made from leftover sock yarn. They had been knit at the same time, so all the crazy color changes and striping matched! There were a couple great lace shawls as well. Ya'all move fast however -- didn't get any photographs of those. The photo at right (credit: Randie Cowan) is a beautiful entrelac sweater knit in one of the Noro yarns. Made for a husband, who claims he will wear it every day this winter. Here's a reason for knitters to stop global warming -- it is reducing the number of days we can wear great knitted sweaters in Atlanta.

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