Friday, July 25, 2008


The Atlanta area shop hop is coming up in September. As this is bound to be of interest to some members, I thought I'd better put a link here. The link will take you to the shop hop blog, which will keep you up to date on participating shops and those great prizes!

The shop hop is an opportunity to have some fun with friends, as carpooling is a good idea indeed. And it is a chance to get around and see what the shops have, as each shop is different and carries different yarns and related items. This is also a very good opportunity to make a wish list for those upcoming December gift-giving holidays -- make the shopping easy on others by letting them know what sorts of things you like and where they can be found. And if you are missing a skein or two, this is also a chance to fill out those gaps in the stash. As the Yarn Harlot reminds us, you never know when there might be a sudden international shortage of wool. (Somehow this sounds like the first chapter of a science fiction novel -- the invading aliens abscond with sheep from New Zealand to Iceland while the dogs are left barking at the skies.)

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Diana said...

Okay, I like the idea of writing a sci-fi/mystery/knitting novel.

Let's see...Dolly the cloned sheep is abducted--who did it? Was it aliens who took her for the superior quality of the wool that will make life on Mars more bearable? Was it jealous members of the dreaded Alpaca/Llama Faction? Environmentalists concerned that Dolly is being exploited by being sheared?

Tune in next time!