Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Community Service

Valerie is our Community Service chair. For the July meeting, Valerie and the community service subcommittee chairs took a few minutes to tell us about what projects are in the works and what is needed to make them happen. Valerie also wrote up and ran off a nice handout that summarizes the projects.

Whit spoke about the helmet liners. The guild has been knitting these for some time, and we've donated almost 300. Earlier this year, we received a certificate of thanks for the first 250. Helmet liners are knit in the round out of wool. A link to the pattern is on our website. A typical liner can be knit in just a couple evenings. The military requires drab colors only, with black being the most desired. Wool in the appropriate colors is welcome.

Jean (photo at top left) spoke about the trauma bears that are donated to the Georgia Center for Child Advocacy. The guild has been dressing teddy bears for about twenty years. This is a great opportunity for creativity. We've seen beach bears, sailors bears, even chef bears over the years. And it's a great way to use up scrap yarn or to try out a new technique. There are bear clothes patterns on the website. Jean also had a bear clothes pattern published in this year's Knitting Pattern a Day calendar. And our own library has several patterns for adorable bear clothes. New or very gently used bears are welcome donations.

Diana spoke about the Atlanta Day Shelter for Women and Children. This is another project that the guild has been doing for quite some time. In this case, we donate money or household items, toiletries, clothes, baby items, blankets -- whatever someone setting up a new household with children might need. As school is about to start, school supplies such as notebook paper will be needed. These items are collected at each meeting and Diana graciously delivers them to the shelter.

Julie was not available to discuss stoma covers. These are small, bib-like items with adjustable ties that are used to cover the stoma (hole) left after a tracheostomy. The yarn cannot be anything fuzzy, because the fuzz could be inhaled. Cotton is great for this. Men prefer neutral colors, but the women patients are not afraid to have some fashion style. Again, patterns are available on the website. These are very quick to knit up -- just an hour or two. Donations of cotton yarn for this are appreciated. Even leftovers work well, as these items are not large.

Ro, who also could not attend the July meeting, is our contact person for preemie hats and blankets. Patterns for these items are also available on our website. Again, these are often small items that can be made from leftover yarn and that can be finished just in one evening which watching television.

Thank you to the many guild members for all you give to the wider world. We know that not everybody will want to participate in every project, but we hope that there is a little something for everyone.

(Photos credit: Randie Cowan)

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