Thursday, June 12, 2008

Information Age Knitting

Our own SVP of Programs Elizabeth Clause gave a wonderful presentation this month about knitting resources on the Internet. For those who were unfamiliar, Elizabeth opened eyes to the wonders of blogs, on-line shopping, Ravelry, pod casts, knit-alongs, and more. There were many, many things to say and show. We didn't have enough time for Elizabeth to cover all she had planned. If you missed the meeting, you can download the presentation here or the handout here. Please remember that this is Elizabeth's own work, so do respect her rights to her intellectual property. Both of these files are laden with links and information that will keep you busy for days, so do be sure you've cleared your calendar. With all these great resources, we may need to have a follow-up discussion on how did anybody ever knit before 1980?

On final note: Elizabeth mentioned that there is a Ravelry group for Dragon*Con. There was a murmur in the crowd of people whispering to their neighbors, "What's Dragon*Con?" Dragon*Con is the BIG science fiction/fantasy convention held every year in downtown Atlanta. It is four days of costumes and round-the-clock merriment. If you are a geek, nerd, trekker, Jedi, elf, or the like and you live in the Southeast, this is where you are Labor Day weekend. And if you knit, you are there, in costume, with your knitting, possibly making another Griffindor scarf for your Harry Potter costume.

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