Friday, June 6, 2008

If you left early . . .

Linda & Elizabeth hold up Pat's Fisherman's Wife shawl.

A lot of people needed to leave last night before Show and Tell. If you left, you missed this. I do not believe there are words in English (although there might be some in French or Italian) to describe how truly beautiful and breathtaking this shawl is. It took Pat about two months to make it. It was a knit-along where she got the next 15-20 rows about once a week in an e-mail. The pattern is Fisherman's Wife (Dem Fischer sin Fru). And Pat apparently has another lace shawl nearing completion. If she keeps this up, we may need armed guards to accompany her to and from her vehicle.

And if you love this lace, keep in mind that one of our upcoming Superstars this year is a lace knitter. No wonder lace is so popular right now.

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