Friday, October 26, 2012

Oh, the Tangled Webs We Wear . . . in our hair.

There is a new beauty trend this year that does not involve sweaters, cowls, scarves, mittens, socks or shawls.  Apparently, the fashion designers knit too, and they found a new creative way to use up their excess stash.

The blog-mistress is actually speechless.  As we attorneys like to say, the pictures speak for themselves.  I have nothing to add.  

What are your thoughts on the new yarn designs?  Do you find this a fashion worth following, or does your head hurt thinking about the tangles you will need to brush out to remove the strands of yarn?  

1 comment:

-- Jolie said...

I like it. Then again, I also have long, braid-able hair. And a stash. And scraps from hand spinning.