Monday, March 5, 2012

March Meeting

In keeping with a St. Patrick's Day and generically British Isles theme, our March speaker, Joel Gunn, wore a great kilt. He answered questions about knitting cables as well as questions about Scotland and its traditional costume. Joel passed samples of various types of cables around the room. He talked about how easy it is to cable and he showed some interesting cables that were merely pairs of rope cables next to each other with no intervening purl stitches. Joel also wore proper kilt hose, knitted with cables and held in place with garters. Joel made a great deal of his costume by hand including sewing the shirt and kilt, knitting the kilt hose, and working the leather to make the sporran.

Of course we also had show and tell after the program. As always, there were excellent projects to be seen.

 A grey lace dress in kid silk haze. Diaphanous!

 A Fair Isle sweater using the same shades of Kauni, just starting the skein in two different places. The body as well as the Siamese sleeves were steeked. Notice how the color flashes even match!

 Here's a swing jacket where either side is good!

And there's plenty of perseverance in a Pi Shawl made from Jojoland Melody.

Thank you to Margie Steiner for the photographs!

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