Thursday, September 15, 2011

Gauge and You

Notice that "gauge" is not a four-letter word. And while it is possible to just grab your needles and yarn and dive right in, it is also possible that the knitting gremlins will dive right in as well. Gauge is sort of the knitter's version of the Law of Gravity. You can pretend it doesn't apply to you, but you can't escape it.

To help deal with the fickle gauge monster, AKG is sponsoring a new Mini-Workshop, "Gauge and You" on 12 November. It will be taught by Susan Nease, for advanced beginners and intermediate knitters. It is designed for those who have knit more than scarves, maybe a few hats, a summer sweater, or some socks, and are branching out into experimenting with yarns and patterns. Students will learn and understand how their choice of yarn and their choice of needles affects the fabric they knit. There will be a limit of six participants in this hands-on workshop.

And a quick note here: Thank you to VP of Workshops Kathleen who has already organized an impressive slate of mini-workshops this year! Thank you!

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