Friday, November 12, 2010

November meeting

While many of us were undoubtedly disappointed that Karin Skacel couldn't join us this month, the show still needed to go on. And it went rather well. :-)

Many of us were still basking in the glow of beads and lace and our weekend of Sivia Harding workshops. Diana wisely invited graduates of the Moonrise necklace workshop to show off their jewelry.
From left to right: Marian, Linda F, Whit, Jane, Sharon W, and Joyce.

There were questions and prizes including Skacel Acryl-no-Ick yarn donated by Needle Nook, a Friday Night Knitting Club bag donated by Needle Nook, and a skein of Twisted Sisters Petite Voodoo (merino & silk) and matching Japanese Magatama beads donated by Only Ewe and Cotton Too and The Bead Bug.

Show and Tell is always, always, always interesting with this group. Always. Even if there is nothing else going on in the evening (which is never), it is always worth going to the meeting just to soak up the inspiration. Tom from Knitting in the Woods (a campground and knitting retreat) was at the meeting. He and his friend Tim were knitting athletic supporters out of Cascade Fixation, a cotton sock yarn with elastic in it. When I mentioned this to Elyse, she pointed out that Fixation is the only yarn she knows of from which you could knit a bathing suit that would stay up.
But back to show and tell. Tom showed off this breathtaking lace receiving blanket he knit for his new grandson who is due in January. The pattern is Tom's own interpretation of Estonia lace right down to the nupps! Art showed off his very first knitting project -- a scarf in plain blocks of color. He mentioned some of his experiences with changing tension, and many of us in the room nodded in sympathy. Margaret had several beautiful projects including a secret sock knit along with the Nautical Knitter that included lace, beads, and Bavarian traveling stitches. I guess if you make it secret, you don't scare people away until after they've cast-on and are committed. And Becky showed a knitted shawl/tablecloth that her mother bought at an antique store. The dealer said it was crocheted, but it is clearly knitted and so needed to go home with someone who could tell the difference. It looks as if it might even be linen! Hard to believe somebody had given it away. This is why you have to pass at least a little of the knitting skill down through your family -- so that somebody will understand and appreciate your accomplishments when you are gone.

Next month should be plenty of fun with the presentation of the bears and the holiday potluck. Show and tell is bound to feature lots of holiday gifts ready to be wrapped!

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