Friday, October 3, 2008

News from last night

I'll be posting more later about last night's wonderful meeting.

As some of this is time-sensitive, I thought I'd better get it posted now. We're trying some new things regarding Shop Talk at meetings, especially on nights when we have special guests. Last night Sassafras Creations was there with her wonderful knitting needle jewelry. Main Street Yarns had a table of goodies, including the new Opal Harry Potter Sock Yarns. (I made my Will save against the Hedwig colorway, but only because I just did the Shop Hop.) Needle Nook also had a table of goodies, and showed a beautiful Noro Kureyon jacket from one of the new books.

I didn't get a chance to see what Only Ewe and Cotton Too brought to their table. However, they did have a nice handout. In addition to reminding us that they now have an online store as well as a blog, Elyse wants to remind people that the Crabapple Festival is Saturday 4 October from 9AM - 5PM. That's tomorrow! From the website, it looks to have lots of great antiques as well as art and, of course, food. Only Ewe also has a couple spaces left on the bus trip to SAFF on Saturday 25 October. The price is great and somebody else will have to find the gas! Plus, four hours up and four hours back of knitting with other knitters. I'm already there.

Last thing I should mention -- Elyse was the first to post something about the new Addi Click Interchangeable Needles. During the Shop Hop, I asked most of the other shops in the area about them, and I think just about everybody will be getting some. These will retail for about $150 a set. And supplies will be strictly limited when they begin arriving late in October or early in November. So if you want to buy a set -- or maybe want Santa or someone to bring you one -- best to talk to your friendly local yarn store people now. And when the needles do arrive, I'd love for somebody to do a review either here online or at a meeting. I think many of us are eager to see how the Addi product compares to Denise, Boye, or KnitPicks.

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Only Ewe said...

The latest on the Addi Clicks is that Skacel really isn't giving us a "Delivery Date". The last email that I received said that Skacel hopes to have the Addi Clicks in our hands for the Holidays. But they aren't quoting delivery dates. Skacel said everybody has waited a long time and they want these to be right! It's disappointing that we may not have them for holiday giving (or getting), but it is good that they want the needles to be right when they do deliver.
I hope we have good news very soon!
Only Ewe and Cotton Too