Sunday, September 28, 2008

Knitting Daily

As many of you know, Knitting Daily has a television program. The first season is available on dvd. In fact, Elyse and Bill from Only Ewe and Cotton Too very kindly donated the Season 1 dvd to our library. Many thanks! If you participated in the shop hop, then you know where Only Ewe and Cotton Too is located. If not, it is up north on GA 400 in Crabapple, a sweet little part of Alpharetta. You can use Exit 10 Old Milton Pkwy. Head west and continue as the road narrows. Turn right at the light with Broadwell Rd -- Wallace Woods subdivision will be on your left. Go about a mile and turn right at the next light, which is Crabapple Rd / Mayfield Rd. Go just a few feet and turn left into the shopping center. The shop building used to be a cotton mill! And there is a bead shop next door. So be sure to drop in and thank Elyse and Bill.

If you want to check the dvd out of the library, remember that this is one of those items that may be on a waiting list for awhile, especially because Knitting Daily is not broadcast in the Atlanta Metro Area. If you are interested in writing to our local PBS station and alerting the powers that be, the contact information is:
Dustin Lecate
Public Broadcasting Atlanta
740 Bismark Rd.
Atlanta GA 30324

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